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Recent Articles

An effective alternative to the conventional goal setting and planning cycle

An effective alternative to the conventional goal setting and planning cycle

The conventional approach to goal setting and planning is to do it for the start of each year. Then the goal review and planning cycle falls into four quarters of three months each for the rest of the … Read More...

The things you need to stop doing

The things you need to stop doing to achieve your goals

When you want to create some kind of change in your life or work, or are working on achieving a specific goal, you put a big focus on the things you need to do to make that change happen or achieve … Read More...


How to avoid burnout when creating change

Recently I hit burnout. It is something that I have never experienced before. I have always been reasonably good at doing what needs to be done to avoid it happening. But in recent times I … Read More...

Things highly effective people don't say

4 things highly effective people never say

Highly effective people aren’t that way by accident. They have learnt to master habits and behaviours to set themselves up to succeed. If you want to become more effective so that you can achieve … Read More...

Thoughts following the death of a friend

Thoughts on life following the sudden death of a friend

On Saturday 1st March 2014 at 9.0am my husband and I took some time to go and sit quietly together to pay our respects to Judy Martin who had passed away suddenly, aged only 49, a month earlier. We … Read More...

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