In a world where everything is ‘fast, fast, fast’ and ‘now, now, now’ we seem to have lost touch with the fact that fast and furious doesn’t always equal achieving your most important goals. It is easy to forget that, just because you keep pushing on with the daily grind, it doesn’t mean you are moving forward to the results you really want in your life and business.

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Why taking a step back can move you forward

Why stepping back can move you forwardLife today is overbusy and always on. We seem to have endless roles and responsibilities to juggle in life and work. Peddling the daily hamster wheel leaves little time or energy for anything else. It can keep you stuck. This means that things like creating changes you desire (personally and professionally), working on new goals, and working out better ways forward can all suffer.

But, just because you keep peddling the daily hamster wheel, doesn’t mean you are moving forward to the results that matter most to you in your life and work. Don’t forget, hamster wheels go nowhere.  The “keep peddling” mindset could actually cost you the results that matter most to you in your life and work, as well as your health and wellbeing.

Sometimes the most powerful, effective and beneficial thing you can do to move forward is to take a step back. But it feels counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? There you are, up to your neck in it – juggling everything you have on your plate to Olympic standards! Taking a step back can feel unattainable without everything coming crashing down. Why on earth would you take a step back?

Well, think about the consequences if you don’t. What if you don’t create time, space and energy to think things through, get clarity, create change, work on new goals etc. Well, as the saying goes, “if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.”

Here are just a few examples of some of the benefits of taking a step back from time to time:

  • get clarity, re-assess, review, think things through, and get a clearer perspective
  • make new (and often better) decisions
  • making sure you are on the right track to achieve the results that matter most to you in your life and work
  • work on changes and new goals you, your life, and work would benefit from you making
  • recharging mental and physical batteries to be more effective and productive moving forward
  • come up with new ideas, better ways forward, and find more effective solutions to problems

There are so many benefits to taking a step back, both from a personal and professional perspective, that this list could go on and on. When you give yourself permission to step back, you are opening up the door to all sorts of possibility, opportunity, and creative solutions.

When you are working and living flat out all the time, you end up with a chronic case of Hamster Wheel Syndrome – peddling damn hard in your life and work but staying in the same place, not moving forward, and risking not getting to where you really want to be.

How would you benefit from finding ways to take a step back periodically? How can you build taking a step back into part of your regular routine? If you feel it is challenging to get started, start small and build up over time. Look for ways to make taking a step back a regular appointment with yourself so you can reap the many benefits.

Don’t underestimate the power of stepping back as a way of moving forward. Keep in mind that progress isn’t always a linear path. 

Download Your Free Transformation in Action Self-Assessment Workbook.