How to stay motivated and improve personal effectiveness can feel challenging. There are many factors that impact both of these things. Below are 25 things I have done personally and I encourgae my clients to do that improve motivation and persoanl effectiveness. So I can attest to their positive impact both personally and with my professional hat on too:

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19 ways to boost your personal effectiveness and motivation

How to boost motivation and personal effectiveness

Your level of personal effectiveness and motivation have a big impact on the results you achieve in your life and work.

So it is useful to know some effective ways that will help you to boost and maintain your personal effectiveness and motivation.

Here are some to experiment with.

19 Ways to Boost Your Motivation and Personal Effectiveness

1. Get an accountability buddy. Not only does having an accountability buddy help you stay on track to achieve the results you want, they are also a great source of motivation and help you maintain your personal effectiveness too. To find out more about having an accountability buddy read 10 reasons to have an accountability buddy and How To Find An Accountability Buddy

2. Remove distractions. There are so many distractions that will derail your effectiveness if you allow them. e.g. mindless internet surfing, cell phones, interruptions etc.  Make a list of the things that distract you most and take action to address those things. That will give your level of personal effectiveness a real boost.

3. Set and implement strong boundaries. This will support you with protecting what matters most in your life and work. And that will support you in optimising your effectiveness.

4. Surround yourself with positive, constructive, solution focussed people who fuel your fire. It will give a tremendous boost to your level of motivation. Especially as you navigate the ups and downs of life and work.

5. Create a powerful vision for your life and work. Review it every day. It will help boost your motivation, especially when you experience setbacks, obstacles or when the going gets tough.

6. Identify and foster habits that will set you up to succeed. When you know the habits that will support the results you want to achieve, and work on fostering them, your level of personal effectiveness improves and becomes more consistent.

7. Do more things that give you mental and physical energy. Do less of the things that drain your mental and physical energy. Your energy levels (mental and physical) have a tremendous impact on your motivation and personal effectiveness.

8. Have a strong action plan and work that baby consistently! This will keep you focused on maximising your time and focus. And when you do that, you are more effective.

9. Create a structure and framework to work within each day, week and month. This will help you stay on track consistently.

10. Protect yourself from energy draining and toxic people. They have a habit of draining your energy and motivation.

11. Have a strong self care programme. Self care has a massive impact on how you feel and operate, mentally and physically. And how you feel and operate has a massive impact on your motivation and personal effectiveness.

12. Hire a coach or mentor – this can be a really powerful way to boost motivation, personal effectiveness and achieve your goals faster, easier and consistently.

13. Break your goals down into small manageable chunks. Much more motivating than focusing on the mountain you have to climb!

14. Do the most important things first in the day. That way you will always know that you have your top priorities nailed no matter what the rest of the day throws at you.

15. Don’t be a Lone Ranger. Get support. No one is successful alone.  Surround yourself with people who give you unconditional, non-judgemental support.

16. Join or create a Mastermind Group. Surrounding yourself with other people’s ideas and perspectives is a great source for sparking fresh thinking and new ideas. This will give your effectiveness and motivation a powerful boost.

17. Have a Hero. Think of someone you look up to or is a role model for you, or has done someting you would like to do. Learn from them, follow them on social media, read their stuff, attend their events etc.

18. Commit to learning. When you commit to learning about the things that drive your effectiveness and motivation, you put yourself on the path to better results consistently.

19. Celebrate your successes – regularly – no matter how big or small. It will remind you that you are making progress and that will boost your motivation.

What would you add to the list? Share your thoughts and experiences on things that boost your personal effectiveness and motivation in the comments below.

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