Is chasing time management a problem? I think it can be sometimes. Here's why: Time doesn't need managing. It's YOU that needs managing!

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The Problem with Time Management

The Problem with Time ManagementIs chasing time management a problem?

I think it can be sometimes.

Here’s why:

Time doesn’t need managing. It’s YOU that needs managing!

The problem is that overly focussing on time management techniques at the cost of focussing on the sources of the time management issues can divert attention from resolving underlying problems permanently.

And if the source of the issues had more focus then it may be possible to create lasting solutions to those issues that would then no longer require managing.

That doesn’t mean I am anti time management at all. Far from it. The problem with time management strategies is that they are often used inappropriately – and that is what concerns me.

What we are often doing is using time management techniques to manage ineffective behaviour patterns and bad habits instead of using them for improving productivity and personal effectiveness. An important distinction.

So what needs to be done to about this?

Increase your focus on Self Management

Focussing on self management is about finding lasting changes to ineffective behaviour patterns and bad habits. Self management deals with real change that delivers tangible results.

Whereas time management often is about managing these problems.

Hence my preference for focussing on self management, not time management. You are going to dramatically increase your effectiveness if your remove problem areas totally rather than putting things in place to manage them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting you throw out the current methods you use to get things done or that time managment tools don’t have a place. What I am suggesting is this……

Focusing on self management more than time management is more likely to give real solutions, lasting change and effective habits that naturally produce results.

The solution lies in your mindset.

If every time a bad habit or behaviour pattern surfaces your immediate mindset is to put a time management technique or tool in place to manage it, you are going to be forever in managing issues mode, not creating lasting solutions mode.

The key is to create a mindset that looks inside yourself to the source and solution first and techniques to manage issues second.

Remember: always look inside for solutions before you look outside! The key to real change always starts on the inside, with you and your mindset.

What do you think? Would love to hear your experiences on this subject.

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