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The key to consistently feeling more confidence

The key to consistently feeling more confidence

If you would like to feel more confidence in any area of your life or work, there is a really important factor to focus on.

It will give you a strong foundation on which you can build and improve your confidence, in any situation.

The key factor I am referring to is the impact your thought patterns have on how confident you feel.

Here is why it is such a key factor to focus on:

Your thoughts drive your feelings. Your feelings drive your behaviour. Your behaviour drives your results.

Say for example you are shooting for a new goal or creating a change in your life or work. You may be thinking thoughts like “I am not sure if I can do this” or “what if it doesn’t work out” or “people might laugh at me or ridicule me.”

When you think those kinds of thoughts it generates feelings such as uncertainty, self-doubt or fear. When you feel those feelings, it reduces your confidence. As a result, you are less likely to take action and, therefore, less likely to get the result you most want.

That thought pattern becomes a cycle that continues to negatively impact your feelings of confidence.

On the other hand, if you approach your goals or changes you are making thinking “I am going to figure out how to do this” or “what do I need to learn so that this works” that creates very different feelings. You are more likely to feel motivated and inspired to take action to move forward. You are more likely to feel confident. And when you feel confident you take better actions that deliver better results.

So how do you improve your thought patterns to improve your feelings of confidence?

Well, here are three steps to get you started:

Step 1 – Get curious about what your thought patterns are when you feel less confident. Really challenge yourself to dig behind what you are actually thinking when your confidence level is low. Notice what feelings those thoughts create and how that impacts your behaviour, actions and results.

This will give you a lot of awareness on the link between your thought patterns, feelings and confidence levels. Awareness is the first step in creating change so this a great first step to get on the path to improving your confidence.

Step 2 – Identify a new thought process that would create feelings that boost your confidence. Notice when you feel that way how you are more likely to act and behaviour differently and the new outcome or results that would give you.

Step 3 – Practice your new thought pattern until it becomes a habit. This step is all about replacing thought pattern habits that steal your confidence with thought pattern habits that make you feel more confident consistently.

Keep in mind that whatever feelings you are experiencing in relation to confidence (good, bad or ugly) started with a thought.

The bottom line is this:

Master your thought patterns and you will master your feelings of confidence.

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