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The Four C’s of Creating Change Successfully

The 4 Cs of Creating Change Successfully. Creating change successfully can feel like a struggle.

When that happens, you can end up feeling stuck and overwhelmed. That can sabotage your progress and results.

At times like that, it is useful to focus on things that will help you set yourself up to succeed with creating change successfully.

Here are four things to focus on:

The Four C’s of Creating Change Successfully

1. Clarity

Without clarity, the change you want to create is at risk before your start.

Here’s why:

If your ideas and plans about the changes you want to create are vague, it is very difficult to create specific, meaningful action plans to create tangible results.

On the other hand, having clarity supports you in mapping out a clear way forward with specific action plans that will deliver specific results.

Make getting clarity a top priority. Use it to drive the creation of clear and specific action plans that deliver specific results.

2. Consistency

Consistency is to change what oxygen is to life.

Just as we can’t survive without oxygen, the change you want to create can’t survive without consistent focus and action.

Identify and put in place the things that will support you in being consistent with your actions and behaviour.

Consider things like habits to form, boundaries to set, distractions to remove, procedures to set up, support you need etc.

Set targets and standards to hold yourself to. Measure and review your progress regularly.

3. Confidence

No amount of clarity, goals, planning or action plans is going to create the change you want to achieve successfully if you lack confidence to move forward and take action.

Lack of confidence can keep you stuck.

Having said that, you don’t have to be busting with confidence before you start.

Just taking the first step can be a massive confidence boost. Then you take the next step, then the next and just keep going. This can help you to grow your confidence cumulatively as you move forward.

It is important to commit to learn skills and techniques to be more confident in any situation. But don’t overlook the amount of confidence you can build from just getting into action and taking the first steps.

4. Courage

Creating change can trigger fear, uncertainty and feelings of discomfort.

The challenge is to not let those things stop you or hold you back. If you do, you are in danger of staying stuck and not achieving the change you want to create.

It helps to focus on fostering courage. Here’s why:

It takes courage to challenge your status quo. It takes courage to step outside your comfort zone. It takes courage to stare your fears in the face and say “you are not holding me back.”

Courage doesn’t grow by avoidance of what scares you. It grows by taking action in the face of those things and moving forward despite them. Face your feelings of fear, uncertainty and discomfort head on and take action to deal with them.

Courage is like a muscle – the more you use it the fitter, stronger and easier it gets to use it effectively, especially during times of change.

As you think about these four focus areas, what could you do to take each one to the next level to set yourself up to succeed in creating change successfully?

Download Your Free Transformation in Action Self-Assessment Workbook.