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The best way to beat Imposter Syndrome

The best way to beat Imposter SyndromeHave you ever felt that you or your work are not good enough? Or maybe you feel like a fake, or inadequate, and that you will be found out as a fraud at any moment, despite past successes and having years of experience.

If so, this could be a sign you have Imposter Syndrome.

Symptoms that can indicate you have Imposter Syndrome can also include things like negative self talk, feeling inadequate, self doubt, fear, lack of confidence and having a raging inner critic.

If any of this resonates for you then it is a good idea to address this head on. Here’s why:

Imposter Syndrome can cost you dear, personally and professionally. At best, it can slow down your progress with the results you most want to achieve. At worst, it can keep you totally stuck and stop you achieving your goals at all.

In addition, it wreaks havoc on fulfillment, confidence, wellbeing, self worth and increases stress.

The good news is that you can beat Imposter Syndrome.

A quick search of the internet will reveal all sorts of tips and suggestions to help you deal with it.

However, the problem with many of those tips is that they are often dealing with the symptoms rather than the real source of the problem. And whilst they might be helpful temporarily in the short term, they are often not long term permanent solutions.

The key is to get to the real source of the problem which, more often than not, stems from one thing:

Mindset Habits.

Your dominant thought patterns and mindset habits are what drive your feelings.

So the best way to beat Imposter Syndrome is to foster mindset habits that will create different feelings. Feelings like confidence, self belief, faith in your abilities and the value you contribute.

The first step lies in creating awareness.

To do that, whenever Imposter Syndrome rears its ugly head, get curious about what thoughts you are thinking at that time. What stories are you telling yourself? What feelings is that creating?

Once you have that awareness of the thought patterns that are triggering Imposter Syndrome, start to consider what new thought patterns and mindset habits would serve you better.

What better thought patterns would create feelings of self-belief and confidence? What would support you in owning the value you contribute and the difference you make? What will your new self-talk be? What new stories will you tell yourself? What do you need to learn to master your mindset so that you are in the driving seat and not old habitual thought patterns that allow Imposter Syndrome to thrive?

If you have mindset habits that automatically trigger Imposter Syndrome the way to beat it is to create new mindset habits and foster them until they become your new mindset habit.

This will set you up to beat Imposter Syndrome and stop it from getting in the way, holding you back or sucking the life out of you.

The permanent solution to Imposter Syndrome lies in getting to the real source of what is driving your feelings and changing those, rather than just using temporary tactics to manage the symptoms.

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