What difference would it make if you made a commitment to radically simplify your life and work? And why should you bother or care? Here’s why: Simplicity liberates. Complexity suffocates.

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Why Simplifying Can Help You Get Better Results Faster and Easier

Why simplifying can help you get better results faster and easier

Simplifying your life and work can support you in getting better results faster and easier. 

Here’s why:

Simplicity liberates you because it reduces chaos and confusion. And when you reduce chaos and confusion progress speeds up.

It reduces the risk of mistakes. It increases focus on what matters most. It sets things up to run smoothly and consistently. And when things run smoother and consistently, you get better results faster and easier.

On the other hand, complexity can be the killer of progress and results. It can increase the chance of mistakes that will slow you down and sabotage your efforts.

Complexity is a massive mental energy drain. And when your mental energy is being sucked dry, that reduces your personal effectiveness which impacts progress and results.

Plus, it can increase chaos, confusion, stress, and feelings of overwhelm. All of which have a negative impact on progress and results.

Complexity is the thief of potential.

The antidote to complexity is to simplify like crazy.

And that is why simplifying is a superpower when it comes to supporting you with achieving the results that matter most to you faster, easier and consistently.

Making a commitment to proactively eradicate complexity and simplify will reap benefits in many ways and on many different levels.

When you get into the simplifying habit, things become much easier. Quality results are more likely to be achieved. Life and work become more fun and enjoyable.  And when you are having more fun and enjoyment you tend to perform better which will improve whatever you are working on, personally or professionally.

How to start simplifying your life and work

Step 1 – Awareness is the first step in creating any change. So that is your starting point. It might help to ask yourself questions like:

  • What am I doing that creates or increases complexity in my life and work?
  • What am I allowing that creates complexity?
  • What could I do to start dealing with it?
  • What would I benefit from simplifying in my life and work?
  • What do I need to change?
  • What do I need to start doing more of?
  • What do I need to start doing less of?
  • What boundaries do I need to put in place?

Step 2 – Create a Plan

Use the answers that come up for you in step 1 to start forming a plan of action. Make specific commitments to what you will do and when you will do it to get on the path of change.

Step 3 – Work the plan!

Word of caution. Don’t try and change too much all at once. That can cause chaos, confusion, stress and overwhelm! The best way is to break your plan into small chunks. Put them in a priority order. Then, just start taking one small step at a time, regularly and consistently.

Simplify like crazy. It will set you up to succeed with getting better results with the things that matter most to you in your life and work, faster, easier and consistently.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Download Your Free Transformation in Action Self-Assessment Workbook.