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Mindset Essentials to Achieve Specific Results

Mindset essentials to transform your resultsWhen looking to achieve specific results or create change, people often dive straight into the strategy, planning, and logistics of what needs to be done before anything else. They are all important areas to focus on in order to create change and achieve specific results.

However, your mindset also plays a significant role in achieving results. Yet this is often overlooked or not managed effectively. As a result, you can have the best strategy and action plans in the world, but your mindset could sabotage your progress and results if you don’t manage it effectively.

That is because your mindset triggers a chain reaction. This is how your mindset chain reaction works:

  • When you think something, it triggers an emotion or feeling.
  • That emotion or feeling triggers a behaviour or action.
  • Your behaviour and actions are what drive your results.

If we reverse engineer the mindset chain reaction you can see that it is our behaviour and actions that ultimately drive results. But our behaviour and actions are heavily influenced by what we think, our feelings, and our emotions. So ignoring or not effectively managing your mindset chain reaction could cost you the results that matter most to you.

Your mindset chain reaction has the power to set you up to succeed or it can sabotage your progress and outcomes.

In order to harness the power and potential of your mindset chain reaction, you need to:

  1. Know what your mindset chain reaction is and what impact it is having.
  2. Have a practical process to effectively manage your mindset chain reaction in relation to the specific outcomes you want to achieve.

Here is how to get started with those two things.

How to Manage Your Mindset Chain Reaction to Achieve Specific Results

This practical, step-by-step process is a start point to help you get clarity around the mindset chain reaction you need to support you with achieving specific results.

Step 1 – Think of a specific result you want to achieve in your personal life, work, business, organisation or team.

Step 2 – As you think of that outcome, what behaviours do you need to have to deliver that result?

Step 3 – in order to behave in that way, how would you have to feel? What emotional or mental state would you need to be in?

Step 4 – in order to be feeling that way and in that emotional state, what would your thought process need to be that would trigger those feelings?

What you have just defined in steps 1 – 4 is the mindset chain reaction that will help you achieve a specific outcome.  Now let’s work through the next two steps of the process.

Step 5 – think about what your current thought habits, feelings, and behaviours are. Are they likely to sabotage you or set you up to succeed?  Do they match with the mindset chain reaction for success you just defined, or not?

Step 6 – based on what came up for you as you did this exercise, what do you need to do next? E.g. it might be that you need to improve your confidence, deal with your inner critic or self-doubt, improve communication skills, deal with fear etc.

What this exercise helps you do is to create a mindset gap analysis.

You are identifying the gap between where your mindset is versus where you need it to be to achieve a specific result.

The mindset gap analysis can be used as a tool to get clarity on your mindset chain reaction, so you can proactively manage it effectively to set yourself up to succeed in achieving the results and changes that matter most to you.

The important thing to keep in mind is this:

Know how your mindset is driving you. Because it is. And it can make the difference between succeeding or sabotaging yourself.

Download Your Free Transformation in Action Self-Assessment Workbook.