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A Letter to Mediocrity

A Letter to MediocrityDear Mediocrity

I will not let your sorry ass anywhere near my life.

Years ago I let you run riot in my life, work and relationships.

You wreaked havoc. I didn’t stop you.

For too long I allowed fear to stop me from dealing with you fully.

Fear of rocking the status quo. Fear of dealing with you. Fear of bloody everything!

But I got wise to your antics.

No longer am I afraid to stand up to you.

I realised I had a choice.

I realised I was allowing you to wreak havoc.

I realised I could kick your butt out of my life once and for all.

And so I did.

Learning how to kick your butt out of all areas of my life, work and relationships has been the most liberating thing ever, bringing benefits by the truck load.

I notice every now and then that you raise your ugly head, trying to get back into my life.

No way. I am wise to you now.

So Mediocrity, listen up – you are out and out for good.

And not only that – I am inviting everyone else to stand up to you and kick your sorry ass out of their lives too.

It is time for a revolution against you.

Goodbye Mediocrity!

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