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How to Prepare to Create Change Successfully

How to prepare to create change successfully When you want to create change in your personal life, work, business, or organisation it is important to prepare well to set yourself up to succeed.

For most people, that means planning out all the logistics, creating to-do lists, setting action plans, scheduling tasks, managing resources etc.

They are all important tasks to be done as part of the change process. However, they alone will not guarantee the success of the change you want to make happen. That is because there are other important factors that will determine whether you achieve the results you want or not.

The main factor is you. It is you who has to implement all the things that will turn your plans into reality. So, things like your habits, behaviour patterns, mindset, feelings and emotions (for example, things like dealing with the uncertainty and discomfort that often comes with change, fear, lack of confidence, self-doubt, frustration, etc.), can all have a big impact. Yet these factors are often not prepared for when people embark on a change project. Big mistake.

You can have the best plans in the world but if you have not proactively identified and prepared for the human element and behaviours required to turn that plan into reality you are not giving yourself the best chance to succeed. Plus, it can make the change process harder and slower than it needs to be.

In addition, your mindset, thought patterns, emotions, and feelings have a significant impact on your behaviour, and therefore your results. If you are not effectively managing those things they could derail the process of change and stop you from achieving your goals.

Not preparing for the human dynamics of creating change successfully puts your desired outcomes at risk.

A powerful method to prepare to create change successfully is to proactively integrate both your logistical plans with a carefully assessed plan of the human dynamics that will help you navigate the change process faster, easier and with better results. This two-pronged approach to preparing for any change will set you up to succeed.

Here are some steps to help you with that:

Step 1 – make a list of all the logistical factors that will be required to create the change you want to achieve.

Step 2 – turn that list into a plan following either a priority order or time schedule order (Note: it doesn’t have to be perfect to start with as you can refine it along the way).

Step 3 – review the plan you just made and assess what behaviours you need to have to achieve that. Consider things like:
– What new habits do you need to foster?
– What current habits might sabotage your progress and results?
– What emotions and feelings are coming up for you that need to be managed so that they don’t hold you back?
– What behaviours do you need change, start or stop to set yourself up to succeed?
– Will your dominant mindset and thought patterns help you move forward or keep you stuck?

Step 4 – integrate your logistical plans with plans to manage yourself and the human dynamics you have identified.

Step 5 – Get help. It can be hard to change behaviours, create new habits, and manage emotions and feelings on your own. Getting help and support can help you achieve results faster, easier and consistently. It might be useful to find an accountability buddy, have a friend or colleague as a support partner, join a mastermind group or hire an expert etc.

When it comes to preparation to create change successfully the bottom line is this:

Creating change successfully isn’t just about the change process and logistics. It is about you and who you are being. It is about how effective you are at managing human dynamics before and during the change process.

When you have a plan that integrates both logistics and human dynamics, you are more likely to create change successfully. Prepare accordingly!

Download Your Free Transformation in Action Self-Assessment Workbook.