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Transformation in Action for Organisations and Businesses.

Ali Davies

My consultancy, change management, talent development and coaching services are designed to help you and your organisation create change to achieve the goals and results that matter to you.

Examples of some of the areas I can help you transform include:

• Create change successfully (change agility can be the difference between your organisation growing and thriving or underperforming, both operationally and financially).

• Strategies to achieve goals (integrating organisational goals with personal goals of your people is a powerful combination for achieving goals success).

• High-performance strategies to transform the effectiveness of individuals and teams to enable better results to be achieved faster, easier and consistently.

• Identify and resolve the challenges, performance issues and inefficiencies relating to individual and team dynamics that cost your business both in terms of operational effectiveness and financially.

• Talent Development to retain your best people and improve performance and results.

Why hire me?

I bring to the table 30 years of extensive knowledge, experience and expertise on what it takes to achieve and maintain consistent results within your organisation and your people.

The depth of my body of work means I can offer you and your organisation a unique blend of consultancy, coaching and training to give you tools, strategies, resources, and approaches to help you set yourself up to succeed and deliver tangible results.

Over the last 30 years, my career and work include running my own consultancy, coaching, and training business for the last 16 years and, prior to that, I spent 14 years in large corporate organisations, including Coca-Cola and Pepsi UK.

I specialise in personal, professional and organisational change; transforming personal effectiveness; optimising performance, and personal development.

During my corporate career, my leadership roles included internal and external consultancy and project management, managing large, complex change management projects and leading teams to maximise performance and results. I worked in the areas of Supply Chain Management and Logistics; Business Operations and Customer Services.

My role is to help you, your organisation and your people create change to achieve the results that matter most to you and will enable you to succeed and thrive.

Next steps

All my consulting, coaching, and talent development programmes for organisations and businesses are tailored to meet my clients individual needs and projects. To discuss your project and needs, email me at to set up a consultation.


Download Your Free Transformation in Action Self-Assessment Workbook.