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3 Steps to Get Started With Creating Change in Your Life or Work.

3 steps to getting started with creating change in your life and work.

When you reach a time in your life, work or business that you want something to change it can feel difficult to know where to start. As a result, it can be easy to end up feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

The feeling that something needs to change can be triggered by all sorts of things. Things like wanting to achieve new goals, try new things, move in new directions etc.

It could be that settling for a status quo that no longer works for you leaves you feeling unfulfilled, not reached your full potential, and unhappy. It can create stress and even negatively affect your health.

A common factor can be a desire to be true to yourself, so you can be who you really are. A past client of mine summed this up beautifully in a message she sent to me earlier this week:

“I am truly energised and excited to have the chance to reinvent myself. Although as I progress and make the transitions in different areas of my life, I actually believe it is more about allowing and enabling the real me to emerge as opposed to the persona that was created to blend with or accommodate those around me, be that family, friends, partners or societies expectations of what I should be.” – Tracy Stewart

(Important note: I am sharing this with Tracy’s permission and blessing, as all communications with clients, past and current, are held as confidential).

When you feel it is time for change of some kind, having a starting point and first steps are really useful.

To help you with that, here are:

3 steps to get started with creating change in your life or work

Think of these three steps as putting strong foundations in place on which you can build the results that matter most to you. In the same way a builder wouldn’t dream of building a house without putting strong foundations in place first, the same applies to creating change successfully.

Step 1 – Decide

The reason that is the first step is that people can spend months and even years dwelling on what they don’t like about their life, work, business or organisation. That focus keeps you stuck.

Making a decision to find a way to create change moves you beyond that mindset. It moves you from dwelling and feeling out of control, to putting you firmly in the driver’s seat of your life and work. It feels liberating to just make that decision and feel you are taking charge of the situation.

Plus, it shifts your mindset from problem focused to solution focused. This will support you in coming up with new ideas and plans to move forward.

As you make your decision, don’t get too hung up at this stage on how you will do it. That will evolve and become clear as you take the next few steps forward, plan and take action.

Step 2 – Clarity

It is important to focus on getting clarity on what you want your life, work and business to be like. Clarity is what will help you get unstuck and work out the most appropriate next steps to move you forward.

A useful way to approach this is to start by getting clear on what your personal and professional values are. When you build all areas of your life and work around your values you are more likely to create something that feels meaningful, fulfilling and reflects the real you.

Also, create your own definition of success. All too often people are living and working by someone else’s definition of success or conforming to society’s definition of success that might not match your own values or the way you want to live and work.

Once you are clear on your core values and what your definition of success is, it becomes much easier to create a compelling and detailed vision for the next chapter of your life and work. You can then use that vision to shape a path forward.

Step 3 – Action

The results you most want to achieve won’t happen by accident. Leaving it to chance is a hell of a gamble to take with your one and only life.
You need to design your life, re-define your work, create a step-by-step plan and then get into action.

Creating change can feel hard, scary and uncomfortable. But that isn’t a reason not to shoot for it.

Keep this in mind:

The permanent pain of staying stuck is far worse than the temporary pain of creating change.

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