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10 compelling benefits of slowing down in your life and work

10 compelling benefits to slow down in life and work

We seem to live in a world that runs at a million miles an hour, and we allow ourselves to get swept along with it.

Many people think that being busy is just part of the way life is. I disagree. I think it is a choice we can make. Just because everyone else is travelling on the busy train doesn’t mean that it is the right thing to do or that you should ride that train with them.

Being constantly busy can be really damaging to the life, work, goals, and results that you most want to achieve. Busyness is also not conducive to healthy personal and professional relationships.

If you are fed up of being constantly busy then maybe it is time to slow things down.

If the thought of slowing down is appealing to you but you are still sat firmly on the busy train, then I invite you to consider these compelling benefits of slowing down:

10 compelling benefits to slow down in your life and work

1. Improves your decision making and problem solving skills.

A slower pace allows you to process your thoughts more effectively so you are more likely to make better quality decisions and come up with better ideas and solutions to problems.

2. Improves the quality of your work.

Just by slowing down even a little the quality of your work improves because you are not rushing what you are doing as much.

3. Boosts your personal effectiveness.

The results you get in all areas of your life are driven by your personal effectiveness. When you are over busy your personal effectiveness suffers! A slower pace can support you in maximising your effectiveness and therefore get better results.

4. Reduces mistakes

If you are making less mistakes you are going to reap all sorts of benefits on many different levels. Plus, it will speed up getting the results you want as you will be spending less time sweeping up the mess from avoidable mistakes.

5. Reduces feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Reduced feelings of stress and overwhelm will make  you more effective and improve your quality of life and wellbeing.

6. You are more likely to respond versus react to a situation.

You are more likely to get a better outcome to a situation if you are responding rather than reacting. Reacting tends to be impulse and emotion driven. Responding tends to be outcome focussed. Slowing down opens up the opportunity to think how you want to respond to get an optimal outcome.

7. It improves your personal and professional relationships.

It isn’t conducive to relationships to be meeting with someone or spending time with someone who is obviously in a rush to get on to the next thing or on their phone trying to get other things done while they are with you. Slowing down and being totally present and focussed on people when you are with them will improve your personal and professional relationships.

8. Increase feelings of enjoyment, fun and fulfillment in your life and work.

Life is too short to settle for it being a constant round of draining busyness day in, day out. Slowing down will increase your feelings of fulfillment, fun and enjoyment.

9. Have more mental and physical energy.

If you are constantly running on empty because you are busy everything suffers in all areas of your life and work. Your personal effectiveness depends on your mental and physical energy levels. Slowing down and pacing yourself helps you preserve your precious energy.

10. It has a positive impact on your health.

Being constantly busy can detrimentally impact your health and increase you risk of illness. And that is a problem because your health is everything. Everything in your life, work and relationships is impacted by your health. You are protecting your health when you get off the busy train.

Choose to see slowing down as an effective strategy in the quest to create the life, work, relationships and results your really want – because it is!

Download Your Free Transformation in Action Self-Assessment Workbook.