Why your to-do list is killing your results

Why your to-do list is killing your resultsSome people who use to-do lists achieve amazing results. Yet some people feel having a to-do list isn’t really helping them get anywhere at all.

Why is this?

Well, many people are using their to-do list to manage day to day “noise.”

“What is wrong with that you?” you may ask.

Well, when you are mostly doing tasks that are driven by getting day to day noise nailed, you might well be getting stuff done, but it isn’t the stuff that will achieve your most important goals.

It is just like peddling a hamster wheel – you can peddle the wheel round as long and as fast as you like but you are still going nowhere. You aren’t moving forward. You stay stuck in a never ending rut.

So what is the solution to ensure that your to-do list isn’t killing your results? What needs to happen so that it is marching you forward to the results you really want to achieve in your life and business?

Well, the key is to ensure that the majority of the tasks on your to-do list, each and every day, are driven by your most important goals.

Take a look at your “to-do” list.

Are the majority of things on there the things that will move you forward to achieve your most important goals? Or are they things that will just keep you spinning the day to day hamster wheel?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying ditch all the day to day stuff. What I am saying is make sure that the primary focus of your to-do list is to take the next steps to achieving your most important goals.

It is all about a shift in focus. It is the difference between being busy and being effective.

What action will you take to ensure your to-do list isn’t killing the results you really want to achieve?

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