Can you remember what your dreams for your life, work and relationships were when you were younger? Do you still have them? If not, what happened? I come across many people who have given up on their dreams as they have got older.

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Where Have All Your Dreams Gone?

Where have all the dreams gone?Can you remember what your dreams for your life, work and relationships were when you were younger?

Do you still have them? If not, what happened?

I come across many people who have given up on their dreams as they have got older.

Given up on the possibility of how they would really like their life, work and relationships to be.

Sometimes they might not have given up but they have just got buried under years of the never ending noise of day to day life, trying to juggle all their responsibilities and are overwhelmed by an over busy life.

Maybe it is the “Dream Snatchers” that have stolen your dreams away. Beware the “Dream Snatchers” – they are everywhere! They are the people who:

  • if you dare to rock the status quo, ridicule or criticise what you want to shoot for.
  • say unkind things about the choices you make because it’s not the life they want you to live.
  • tell you to “get real” if you voice your dreams.
  • tell you it isn’t possible

Sometimes we are even our own Dream Snatchers!

Whatever the reason………..

Where have all your dreams gone?

Well, I believe they are still there waiting to be claimed.

I believe that if you take a peek through all the mediocrity of the daily grind that you would see that you still have dreams for your life. And it is never too late to claim them and start turning them in to reality.

So the question is this……

Are you ready to take action to start living your dreams?

“Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. This is the real thing.” – source unknown

What are you waiting for? For the kids to get through school? Until finances have improved? Until your family and friends stop belittling what you want to do?

Stop waiting.

You never know when something will suddenly happen to rob you of the life you want with the people you want. The weeks, months and years ahead are not a sure thing.

And that is why I say stop waiting.

There is no reason not to just make the decision right now you are going to reclaim your dreams and get on the path to what you really want in your life, work and relationships

Fancy a piece of that? If so, dare to dream.

Choose to step up, be bold, dream and take action to create the life you really want.

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Download Your Free Transformation in Action Self-Assessment Workbook.

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  • Spot on, Ali. It’s easy to get bogged down in daily routines and never actually remember to do those things you thought you’d do one day.

    Someone said to me twenty years ago that I could achieve anything if I really wanted it and those words have kept me going, achieving more and more of goals and dreams. But I haven’t quite finished yet so…. I must dash now, I have dreams to make come true! 😀

  • Whoever said those words to you was spot on. It also raises another important point – we need to surround ourselves with people who will encourage and support us on what we want to achieve in our lives.

    It is wonderful to hear that you are well on the path creating what you want for yourself.

    Keep on keeping on and enjoy your dream making!

  • Ali,
    Dream catcher free zone –> I love that!!!

    And this is so good, and so true. It is easy to let our dreams just go into some sort of hibernation mode…and then stay there.

    I have recently began stepping more fully into who “I” am. And what I’m finding is that, as I do this, these dreams…they just continue to evolve in new and exciting ways. And that is so cool!!

    …this is a wonderful journey to be on…this thing called life…

    And I’m so happy that our paths have crossed, out there in this great big world…

  • Hi Lance

    Welcome to the site and thanks for popping by.

    I agree with what you are saying here. The more we step up and be truly who we really are, the more fulfilling life becomes. Yet there seems to be an epidemic of conformity out there which contributes to people living by others values and others definition of success. Breaking free can be a challenge but boy is it rewarding.

  • Cris Buckley

    Ali, once again a marvelous piece, my friend-in-arms! I’m stepping into one of my dreams at this moment–helping individuals come into their own in business. I’m in the revolution with you!

  • Thanks Cris. Always good to have a fellow revolutionary as a buddy!

  • Great advice as always! Thanks for always motivating me.

  • Jennifer, delighted that you find my stuff motivating.

  • Yes, such good advice indeed! I hope to be dreaming, and doing, and going and moving until my last breath!

  • Go for it Carolann.