Why taking time out is so important for you and your business

Why taking time out is so important for you and your business

Here we are, racing toward the end of the summer. For me and my family, it has been our first summer living in Vancouver, Canada. A very special time for us all. I am taking most of this month off to enjoy our new life in our new country. Time for me and my family to enjoy achieving this move - a family goal we have all been working very hard to achieve for a long time. I will also be using some of the time to think about new business ideas … [Read more...]

Why Work Life Balance Is So Damn Hard To Achieve

Why is work life balance so damn hard to achieve

When I posted the previous post Why Work Life Balance is NOT for the Self Employed it prompted a number of discussions with some of my twitter followers on the whole work life balance concept. One of the questions that I got asked was: Why is Work Life Balance so hard to achieve? In order to answer that question, let’s start (in true Stephen Covey style) with the end in mind? Ask yourself this: Imagine you have achieved your ideal work life … [Read more...]

Why Work Life Balance is NOT for the Self Employed

Why Work Life Balance is NOT for Home Business Owners

Are you chasing work life balance? If so, why? Is it because everyone is chasing it so it seems the thing to strive for? Maybe you believe it is the answer to the challenges of juggling being Self Employed and having a life. Whatever the reason you are chasing work life balance, stop it. Yes, you read right – stop it. Why you should stop chasing Work Life Balance The work life balance movement was started by organisations as a way to … [Read more...]

3 Tips For Working From Home And Family Life at Christmas

3 Tips for managing your home busines and family at Christmas

This is the time of year for fun, family, good times, peace, goodwill, chilling out, relaxing. But is it really? This seasonal stereotyping is far from the reality for many people who are running a business from home. For many, the opposite is often true. And for parents, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the prospect of juggling their home business with over excited kids off school running riot. It can feel really challenging. It … [Read more...]