Why choosing to take a step back can change your life

A sabbatical could change your life

I am taking a bit of a sabbatical in the weeks running up to my 50th birthday. I have never taken a sabbatical before. This is nothing to do with any negativity about turning fifty or any kind of midlife crisis. Quite the opposite. I am actually genuinely excited about the next chapter of my life. To me, age is just a number. Nothing more. So all is good, and I am ready and excited for the fabulous fifties! Taking a step back from … [Read more...]

12 ways to be less busy

12 ways to be less busy

Being too busy seems to be the default way of living and working these days. Some people even play the busy card like some kind of badge of honour. But let’s be clear, it isn't. Being too busy all the time comes at a high cost, in many ways and on many different levels. Being over busy could well be costing you the life and results you really want. That is because it wreaks havoc on so many things. Here are just a few examples of the … [Read more...]

How to stop being too busy

Being too busy

Being constantly too busy seems to have become the norm in life, work and society. But being busy all the time brings with it significant issues. Things like: increasing feelings of stress, frustration and overwhelm negatively impacting wellbeing, health and quality of life no time, space or energy for new goals or creating change neglecting more important things damaging relationships reducing personal effectiveness makes you … [Read more...]

In the battle to eliminate feeling overwhelmed and over-busy, start with this

Circus girl

Feeling overwhelmed and being over-busy can create all sorts of damage to your life, work and relationships.   For example: - it leaves you feeling stuck, peddling a hamster wheel going nowhere - your health suffers - it robs you of having enough time and energy to create a change you would like to make happen - it gets in the way of progressing your most important goals and getting the results you really want - your … [Read more...]