How to stop being too busy

Being too busy

Being constantly too busy seems to have become the norm in life, work and society. But being busy all the time brings with it significant issues. Things like: increasing feelings of stress, frustration and overwhelm negatively impacting wellbeing, health and quality of life no time, space or energy for new goals or creating change neglecting more important things damaging relationships reducing personal effectiveness makes you … [Read more...]

4 things highly effective people never say

Things highly effective people don't say

Highly effective people aren’t that way by accident. They have learnt to master habits and behaviours to set themselves up to succeed. If you want to become more effective so that you can achieve your goals faster, easier and consistently, it is well worth studying the habits and behaviours that highly effective people have. You can find clues just by listening to the language that they use. It gives great insights into the mindset, habits … [Read more...]

Is your cell phone killing your personal effectiveness?

Is your cell phone killing your personal effectiveness

I have never been a really big cell phone user. But recently I noticed that I was using it a bit more than I really wanted to or was healthy. Instead of using it with a set purpose or intention I had, on occasions, started to use it in a way that damaged my personal effectiveness and didn’t best serve my life, business and relationships. So me, my husband and son sat down to have a family meeting on the subject. We discussed what purpose … [Read more...]

Why your to-do list is killing your results

Why your to-do list is killing your results

Some people who use to-do lists achieve amazing results. Yet some people feel having a to-do list isn’t really helping them get anywhere at all. Why is this? Well, many people are using their to-do list to manage day to day “noise.” “What is wrong with that you?” you may ask. Well, when you are mostly doing tasks that are driven by getting day to day noise nailed, you might well be getting stuff done, but it isn’t the stuff that will … [Read more...]