Why your good intentions don’t work (and what to do that does work)

Why your good intentions don’t work

Do you ever wonder why the good intentions you set for yourself haven’t worked out the way you wanted? Do you get frustrated that you often start out strong with what you intend to do or change but then feel you are slipping backward or that progress seems to dry up? If so, it is important to shine a light on two things: Why setting good intentions often doesn’t work. What you can do that does work and delivers the results you want … [Read more...]

The key to consistently feeling more confidence

The key to consistently feeling more confidence

If you would like to feel more confidence in any area of your life or work, there is a really important factor to focus on. It will give you a strong foundation on which you can build and improve your confidence, in any situation. The key factor I am referring to is the impact your thought patterns have on how confident you feel. Here is why it is such a key factor to focus on: Your thoughts drive your feelings. Your feelings drive your … [Read more...]

How to Approach Taking Risks in Your Life and Work

How to approach taking risks in your life and work

When you want to do something in your life or work that feels like a bit of a risk, it can feel daunting and scary. Those feelings can become so consuming that they can stop you from taking the action that would move you forward through the risk, to the result you want. So it is useful to have an approach to taking risks that will help reduce those feelings so that they don’t hold you back or stop you from shooting for the results, change … [Read more...]

How to feel more fulfilled in your life and work

How to create more fulfillment in your life and work

If the status quo in your life or work leaves you feeling unfulfilled, then it is time for change! An important thing to keep in mind is this: Just because you currently feel unfulfilled doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Yes, things can happen in life that results in feeling unfulfilled. Maybe it is a choice you made. Maybe it is circumstances, or a situation that happened. But whatever the source of feeling unfulfilled, keep in … [Read more...]