4 powerful strategies to give you more time, energy and to set you up to succeed

Key to Success

To achieve the life and results you want for yourself you need plenty of time, energy and a good level of personal effectiveness. Without those things it is very difficult to set yourself up to succeed, create change or achieve your personal and professional goals. But in today’s fast paced, over-busy world it is common to feel like you don’t have enough time and energy for everything you have to juggle in your life. This can leave you … [Read more...]

How to stop being too busy

Being too busy

Being constantly too busy seems to have become the norm in life, work and society. But being busy all the time brings with it significant issues. Things like: increasing feelings of stress, frustration and overwhelm negatively impacting wellbeing, health and quality of life no time, space or energy for new goals or creating change neglecting more important things damaging relationships reducing personal effectiveness makes you … [Read more...]

4 things to stop doing at midlife and beyond that will change your life

4 things to stop doing at midlife and beyond that will change your life

Taking time to stop and reflect on things you are doing that might be getting in the way of having the life you really want at midlife and beyond is a healthy thing to do. Creating awareness of the things that might be holding you back, and finding ways to stop doing them, can change your life. Here are: 4 things to stop doing at midlife and beyond that will change your life 1. Stop telling yourself you are too old or it is too late to … [Read more...]

What you MUST know about achieving your goals from USA World Cup Champ, Abby Wambach

Lessons from Amy Wambach to achieve your gaols

I watched the Women’s World Cup Soccer final yesterday as the USA pulled off a gutsy, inspirational performance full of heart and character to achieve a historic win against Japan. But it was a deeply moving interview I saw in the match build up on the TV that really struck home for me and beautifully summed up what it takes to achieve your dreams and the results you want in all areas of your life. The interview was with the US player Abby … [Read more...]