Why taking imperfect action is important

Take action today to get better results in your life and work

Today I want to share some thoughts with you on why taking imperfect action is so important to making progress and getting the results you really want in your life and work. Watch this 2 minute video to learn more: http://youtu.be/c2SFh5_5NXc … [Read more...]

4 things highly effective people never say

Things highly effective people don't say

Highly effective people aren’t that way by accident. They have learnt to master habits and behaviours to set themselves up to succeed. If you want to become more effective so that you can achieve your goals faster, easier and consistently, it is well worth studying the habits and behaviours that highly effective people have. You can find clues just by listening to the language that they use. It gives great insights into the mindset, habits … [Read more...]

Dealing with unconstructive criticism

Dealing with constructive criticism

There is no shortage of people out there who want to vent their opinions in the form of unconstructive criticism. There can be all sorts of reasons for this: - Maybe they disagree with the choices and decisions you have made in your life or work. - Maybe they don’t like your work. - Maybe they don’t like you. - Maybe they have listened to untrue stories about you and have appointed themselves judge and jury on the matter. - … [Read more...]

19 ways to boost your motivation and personal effectiveness

How to stay motivated and improve personal effectiveness

How to stay motivated and improve personal effectiveness is an important question to ask yourself as both of these things have a big impact on your results. There are many factors that impact both of these things. So let's explore some of them. Below are some examples of things that have a powerful and positive impact on motivation and personal effectiveness. 19 Ways to boost your motivation and personal effectiveness 1. Get an … [Read more...]