The things you need to stop doing to achieve your goals

The things you need to stop doing

When you want to create some kind of change in your life or work, or are working on achieving a specific goal, you put a big focus on the things you need to do to make that change happen or achieve that goal. If you didn’t you wouldn’t get the results that you really want. But what is often overlooked is that there are things you might need to stop doing in order to create that change or achieve that goal. These may be things that could … [Read more...]

Going The Extra Mile – The Difference It Makes

Vancouver Canadians

Recently me, my husband and our son decided to go to our first ever baseball match at the Vancouver Canadians. As we are new to the country (moved here to live from Ireland just a few months ago) we didn’t really know much about baseball stadiums or how it all works so instead of booking tickets online my husband phoned them up. He spoke to a guy called Andrew. He explained that we were newbies to the country and to baseball and asked for … [Read more...]

Dealing with fear of change

Dealing with fear of change

Would you like to create change in your life and/or work but feel that fear is keeping you stuck? If so, you are not alone. It is very common for people to feel stuck because the fear of creating change has got a vice like grip of them. As a result they don't take the actions that will turn the change they want to create into reality. The reasons for fear can be many and varied. Things like fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear … [Read more...]

Quick Tip to help you Achieve Your Goals Faster and Easier

mindset to achieve your goals

Achieving your most important goals can sometimes feel like a bit of a struggle. But there are things you can do that will help you minimise those feelings. Things that will not only help you achieve your goals faster and easier, but also enjoy the process too. Here is one very simple but effective way that can really help: Introduce a daily “feed the brain” session at the start of every day. What I mean by “feed the brain” session is … [Read more...]