3 reasons why you should NOT be setting goals

Clear the decks for success

Setting goals is an important part of getting on the path to creating the results that you really want. But sometimes, setting goals is not an appropriate thing to be doing. Here are: 3 reasons why you should NOT be setting goals 1. You are already feeling overwhelmed with everything you have on your plate. If you are feeling like this, adding new goals into the mix is a recipe for creating even more overwhelm. As a result, your … [Read more...]

Are you making this goal setting mistake?

goal setting mistake

When you are goal setting, on what basis are you choosing your goals? The reason that this is an important question to be able to answer is because it is easy to make the mistake of setting goals based on the wrong criteria. And this could cost you the results you really want to make happen. What is this goal setting mistake? Well, it is what I call 'goal setting by menu.' Imagine you have gone to a restaurant and the waiter presents … [Read more...]

Quick Tip to help you Achieve Your Goals Faster and Easier

mindset to achieve your goals

Achieving your most important goals can sometimes feel like a bit of a struggle. But there are things you can do that will help you minimise those feelings. Things that will not only help you achieve your goals faster and easier, but also enjoy the process too. Here is one very simple but effective way that can really help: Introduce a daily “feed the brain” session at the start of every day. What I mean by “feed the brain” session is … [Read more...]

Why taking a step back is a great way to move forward

Why taking a step back is a great way to move forward

In a world where everything is ‘fast, fast, fast’ and ‘now, now, now’ we seem to have lost touch with the fact that fast and furious doesn’t always equal achieving your most important goals. It is easy to forget that, just because you keep pushing on with the daily grind, it doesn’t mean you are moving forward to the results you really want in your life and business. And when the brown stuff hits the fan, the ‘push through it’ mindset could … [Read more...]