Thoughts on life following the sudden death of a friend

Thoughts following the death of a friend

On Saturday 1st March 2014 at 9.0am my husband and I took some time to go and sit quietly together to pay our respects to Judy Martin who had passed away suddenly, aged only 49, a month earlier. We had chosen that day and time as it was at exactly that time that a memorial service was being held in New York. We weren’t able to get to New York for the memorial so we decided to pay our respects by creating quiet time to reflect on our … [Read more...]

How to manage a sudden change in your life and work

How to manage sudden change

Last week we removed our son from school, permanently. From now on his education will be based from home and out in the big wide world. Whilst it was something we had been looking into it wasn’t something we had planned to do immediately. However, for a variety of reasons, it became apparent that it was in our son’s best interests and would also significantly benefit our family life, on many different levels, to do it straight away. At the … [Read more...]

Is your cell phone killing your personal effectiveness?

Is your cell phone killing your personal effectiveness

I have never been a really big cell phone user. But recently I noticed that I was using it a bit more than I really wanted to or was healthy. Instead of using it with a set purpose or intention I had, on occasions, started to use it in a way that damaged my personal effectiveness and didn’t best serve my life, business and relationships. So me, my husband and son sat down to have a family meeting on the subject. We discussed what purpose … [Read more...]

Why taking time out is so important for you and your business

Why taking time out is so important for you and your business

Here we are, racing toward the end of the summer. For me and my family, it has been our first summer living in Vancouver, Canada. A very special time for us all. I am taking most of this month off to enjoy our new life in our new country. Time for me and my family to enjoy achieving this move - a family goal we have all been working very hard to achieve for a long time. I will also be using some of the time to think about new business ideas … [Read more...]