9 Mistakes People Make When Creating Change

mistakes people make when creating change

If you want to create change in your life or work it is useful to be aware of common mistakes that many people make, so that you can avoid them. It will help you to be proactive with putting things in place that will set you up to succeed with the change that you wish to create. To help you with that, here are: 9 Mistakes People Make When Creating Change 1. Trying to change too much at once This is a recipe of disaster! Plus it increases … [Read more...]

A creative way to deal with feeling at a crossroads in your life or work.

Feeling at a crossroads in life and work?

Feeling at a crossroads in your life and work can be an uncomfortable place to be. It can bring up all sorts of feelings like uncertainty, fear, regret and feeling stuck. Feeling at a crossroads can happen for many reasons. Maybe you have realised that decisions and choices you made in the past no longer serve you. Maybe you have got to a stage of life where you are questioning the status quo and what you want your life and work to be … [Read more...]

An Important Key to Personal Fulfillment

The Key to Personal Fulfillment

There are many factors that contribute to personal fulfillment. But there is one that I want to shine a light on because it is often overlooked but has a massive impact. It permeates all areas of life, work, business, and relationships. Because it is so widely accepted by everyone, it’s role in stealing your personal fulfillment is often invisible. It is this: Settling for normal. Here’s how settling for normal is contributing … [Read more...]

A Powerful Way to Avoid Burnout and Overwhelm

How to avoid burnout and overwhelm

There are all sorts of ways to avoid burnout and feeling overwhelmed. But today I want to focus on just one. The reason I want to focus on this one is because it is often overlooked, but really powerful. Before we dive in deeper into this strategy, let me ask you a question: Have you ever seen a marathon runner sprint a whole race? No. Of course you haven’t. And you don’t have to be a running expert to know why. If a marathon … [Read more...]