What difference would it make if you made a commitment to radically simplify your life and work? And why should you bother or care? Here’s why: Simplicity liberates. Complexity suffocates.

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Why Simplifying is your Secret Weapon to Success

Why Simplifying is your Secret Weapon to SuccessWhat difference would it make if you made a commitment to radically simplify your life and work?

And why should you bother or care?

Here’s why:

Simplicity liberates you. Complexity kills things.

The level of complexity you have in your life and work directly impacts the results you want to achieve.

Complexity can negatively impact your level of success and the results you get in all areas of your life. This is because it has a nasty habit of strangling the living daylights out of whatever it touches.

And that is why I say simplifying is your secret weapon to getting better results and influencing your level of success.

Taking responsibility for proactively eradicating complexity will reap benefits in many ways.

If you are still wondering why you should give a damn about simplifying your life, consider this:

The Hidden Costs of Complexity

The more complex your life is, the harder things feel. The more energy it drains. Complexity can create stress, confusion, overwhelm and that feeling of being in sinking sand – slowly being sucked under.

It can suck the life out of you. It can have a negative impact on achieving the results you really want. Don’t underestimate its potential for holding you back.

Complexity is the thief of potential.

The solution is to simplify like crazy.

The Benefits of Simplifying Your Life

When you get into the simplifying habit, things become much easier. Quality results are more likely to be achieved. Life becomes more fun and enjoyable. The pace of life becomes closer to what it should be.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci

How to start Simplifying your Life

Awareness is the first step in any change. So creating awareness is your starting point. It might help to ask yourself questions like:

  • What am I DOING that creates complexity in my life and work?
  • What am I ALLOWING that creates complexity?
  • What could I do to start dealing with it?
  • What benefits could I achieve if my life and work became less complex?

Start looking for actions you can take to simplify your life and work.

It is time to escape the suffocating hold of complexity and claim the freedom and fulfillment that comes when you simplify your life.

Simplify like crazy. It will smooth the path to beter results and success on your own terms.

And that is why simplifying is your secret weapon to success.

Do you have any tips of simplifying? If so, please share them in the comments below?

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  • Jackie Walker

    I’m letting this percolate for a while, to see if there’s anything I can simplify, thank you for nudging me to check!

  • You are welcome Jackie. Getting in the habit of asking ourselves the impact of a choice before we make it can help head complexity off at the pass – prevention better than cure!!!

  • Great point Sue – learning how to simplify our racy brains is as important as simplifying the physical stuff in our life.
    In relation to added complexity from outside forces and other people, it is worth checking out how strong your boundaries are in relation to those things as well as the boundaries you set for yourself too. Outside stuff can only impact us to the extent that we allow and often the solution can be found in strengthening boundaries. Have fun playing with it Sue.

  • An unexpected result of the self-care series I’ve been running is that it’s had me look around to make more time, and that has been achieved by simplifying!

  • Spot on Sandi. I have found that too. The two are so linked.

  • Sue Mitchell

    Although I crave simplicity and I do think my life is fairly simple, my mind has a tendency to complicate everything. I have been working for the last several years to really streamline my life, but even as you simplify in one area, it’s hard to keep the complexity from developing somewhere else! I’m going to look at your second question about what I’m allowing that creates complexity. I do think a lot of the complexity in my life comes from other people or outside forces that I let it in.

  • Micah Yost

    There just isn’t anything to add here. Great post. Well written and spot on. Very well done.

    Micah Yost

  • Hi Kim, welcome to the blog. I think we need to challenge certain “norms” and “conditioning” in many areas as they can keep us stuck.

  • Hi Micah, Thank you for your feedback and kind words. Much appreciated. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Damian Hesdon

    Give complexity a KISS!
    Keep It Simple Stupid.

  • Spot on Anita. I think the same. More often than not the complexity we endure is self created. But the great news on that is that we can totally change that and create a different reality by proactively looking for ways to simplify.

  • That made me smile Jennifer! Glad you like the tips.

  • carla birnberg

    Amen, Sister. My first three decades were about multitasking. And then I shifted and realized the power of the MONOtask

  • Good for you Carla. Single tasking is the way to go. So many benefits on so many different levels.