4 things highly effective people never say

Things highly effective people don't say

Highly effective people aren’t that way by accident. They have learnt to master habits and behaviours to set themselves up to succeed. If you want to become more effective so that you can achieve your goals faster, easier and consistently, it is well worth studying the habits and behaviours that highly effective people have. You can find clues just by listening to the language that they use. It gives great insights into the mindset, habits … [Read more...]

Thoughts on life following the sudden death of a friend

Thoughts following the death of a friend

On Saturday 1st March 2014 at 9.0am my husband and I took some time to go and sit quietly together to pay our respects to Judy Martin who had passed away suddenly, aged only 49, a month earlier. We had chosen that day and time as it was at exactly that time that a memorial service was being held in New York. We weren’t able to get to New York for the memorial so we decided to pay our respects by creating quiet time to reflect on our … [Read more...]

Dealing with unconstructive criticism

Dealing with constructive criticism

There is no shortage of people out there who want to vent their opinions in the form of unconstructive criticism. There can be all sorts of reasons for this: - Maybe they disagree with the choices and decisions you have made in your life or work. - Maybe they don’t like your work. - Maybe they don’t like you. - Maybe they have listened to untrue stories about you and have appointed themselves judge and jury on the matter. - … [Read more...]

3 reasons why you should NOT be setting goals

Clear the decks for success

Setting goals is an important part of getting on the path to creating the results that you really want. But sometimes, setting goals is not an appropriate thing to be doing. Here are: 3 reasons why you should NOT be setting goals 1. You are already feeling overwhelmed with everything you have on your plate. If you are feeling like this, adding new goals into the mix is a recipe for creating even more overwhelm. As a result, your … [Read more...]