Quick Tip to help you Achieve Your Goals Faster and Easier

mindset to achieve your goalsAchieving your most important goals can sometimes feel like a bit of a struggle.

But there are things you can do that will help you minimise those feelings. Things that will not only help you achieve your goals faster and easier, but also enjoy the process too.

Here is one very simple but effective way that can really help:

Introduce a daily “feed the brain” session at the start of every day.

What I mean by “feed the brain” session is this:

To achieve your goals you have to do things like:

  • Learn something new
  • Improve a skill
  • Know how to effectively deal with setbacks
  • Deal with mindset issues like fear, feeling stuck, limiting beliefs, confidence etc.

If you start each and every day feeding your brain with stuff that will help you achieve your goals, you will speed up your progress. It also builds momentum. And harnessing the power of momentum is a great way to create an easier and faster route to achieving your goals.

Feeding your brain could be things like:

  • Reading a motivational book
  • Researching training courses to help you improve a skill
  • Learning how to deal with an obstacle that is holding you back
  • Doing positive mindset exercises to set you up to succeed

The trick to maximising the benefits of implementing “feeding the brain” is:

  • Do it daily
  • Do it first thing every day before you start your work

To start with, just experiment with doing 15 minutes. Once you experience the benefits, you might want to start doing a daily “power hour.”

Introduce a daily “power hour” by getting up an hour earlier than normal. For those of you horrified at the prospect of dragging yourself out of bed any earlier than you absolutely have to, I can tell you that the benefits are well worth it and it gradually becomes a habit – just part of your routine. (I am a raving fan of the daily power hour).

You can utilise your “power hour” in different ways. For example:

  • Break the hour down into sections. Maybe 30 minutes reading something motivational followed by 30 minutes learning something new.
  • Commit your “power hour” to one subject that would help you most at the moment.

Your “power hour” isn’t fixed and rigid. Adapt it to what would best serve your current focus areas, needs, challenges and goals . I highly recommend implementing a daily “feed the brain” session in some way, shape or form – there are so many benefits on so many different levels.

Committing to a daily “feed the brain” session is an effective way to help you build momentum to achieve your goals faster and easier.

Have fun playing with this.

What tips do you have for making achieving goals faster, easier and more enjoyable?

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  • Lisa

    You’ve convinced me of the value of a Power Hour. I’m going to try it (and go to bed earlier!). I like the idea of feeding your brain and learning something new each day. It’s easy to start out each day on a negative note and that dictates how the rest of the day goes. 

  • You have hit the nail on the head there Lisa – it totally dictates how the rest of the day goes. And you feel a load better for going to bed earlier too. I really look forward to my power hour. So many benefits.

  • Lisa, you might find this article by Brian Tracy good food for thought too. Relates to things you can you use your power hour for and the potential benefits:


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  • I love this as I’m all about gathering as many tickets as possible to help me enjoy the process of getting to my goals and letting go of the attachment to the outcome.

  • Ali Davies

    Hi Carla, hvae fun playing with it. It is a very simple but very powerful way to start each day.

  • I already get up at 4 am, but I love the idea of taking an hour and feeding the brain.

  • Ali Davies

    Rena, it really anchors you for the day ahead, plus it helps speed up progress on the things you want to change or create.