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How To Achieve The Results That Matter Most To You

How to achieve the results that matter most to you

Results are driven by behaviour. When you change your behaviour you change your results.

You can have the best goals, strategy and action plans in the world, but without the right behaviours and habits to execute that, you risk not achieving the outcomes you desire.

So, an important part of setting yourself up to succeed with achieving the results that matter most to you is to, firstly, identify the behaviours that will support you in delivering tangible, consistent and predictable outcomes.

On the flip side, identify current behaviours that might be sabotaging your progress or get in the way of desired results.

Once you have clarity on the behaviours you need to start, or do more of, and the ones you need to stop, the next step is to start identifying what changes you need to make to foster and master the behaviours that will set you up to succeed.

Then, commit to specific actions you will take and when you will take them in order for those changes to become new behaviour patterns.

Taking this practical approach will help you create behaviours that will set you up to succeed.

What behaviours do you need to change to achieve the results that matter most to you in your personal life, work, business or organisation?

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  • I tend to get easily distracted or try to do too many things at the same time. My word of the year is “Clear.” Now I have to live it.

  • Rebecca, it is great that you have that level of self-awareness. Setting strong boundaries is a great way to deal with distractions.

  • Excellent post. I often forget how simple change is – it begins with my behavior. Thanks for the reminder in such a direct and easy to read format.

  • Teri, yes, simplicity, makes a big difference on many different levels,

  • Renee L Stambaugh

    I know what I need to do…it’s just taking the first step…thanks for the inspiration…

  • Renee, I am delighted you found it useful.

  • This is my biggest problem. You know the saying about insanity and I guess it goes for being unorganized and not as productive as I want to be. I struggle with time management. Because I take care of mom 24/7 I have to be able to be flexible and to pivot from one thing to the next quickly which wastes so much valuable time. I really need to make that list of the good and bad. I needed this as usual lol.

  • Rena, sounds like you have a lot to manage with unpredictable timings. In those situations, just looknig for small steps and small changes can make a big difference.