Easy Way to Boost Productivity and Improve Time Management

Easy Way to Boost Productivity and Improve Time ManagementIn the quest to boost productivity and improve time management, often the simplest and easiest tweaks and changes can reap big benefits.

Here is a very simple, easy and effective method you can experiment with and implement straight away:

Allocate a set amount of time for every task you have to do.

The reason this is so effective is because:

With no set time to get a task done, often, tasks end up taking more time than they need to.

So if you allocate a set time to every task you are managing your tasks rather than your tasks managing you.

And this puts you in the driving seat to boost your productivity and improve your time management.

So, have a look at your to-do list for today. Make sure that it is in priority order. Then, for each task on the list give it a set amount of time you will nail it in.

At the start of each task set a timer going for the amount of time you have allocated to it. Remove all distractions. Focus on getting the task done in that time.

Experiment with doing this with everything – telephone calls, work tasks, house work, meetings, shopping etc.

It is also a very effective method to protect time for the really important stuff. For example, say you don’t feel you are spending enough quality time with the most important people in your life.

Set a time slot and commit to being fully present and focused on the quality of that time with those people. Don’t answer the phone. Switch the TV off. Disconnect from emails and social media. Remove all distractions.

This simple but effective approach will really help protect and enhance what is most important to you.

Allocating a set amount of time to every task really does work a treat with boosting productivity, improving time management and protecting the important things in life.

Give it a go. Let me know in the comments below how you get on with it. If you have a different method that you find works well for you, please share it in the comments below. It is always good to hear different things that work for different people.

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