Are you making this goal setting mistake?

When yougoal setting mistake are goal setting, on what basis are you choosing your goals?

The reason that this is an important question to be able to answer is because it is easy to make the mistake of setting goals based on the wrong criteria.

And this could cost you the results you really want to make happen.

What is this goal setting mistake?

Well, it is what I call ‘goal setting by menu.’

Imagine you have gone to a restaurant and the waiter presents you with the menu. You look at all the lovely options and think; ‘Oooo, I fancy a bit of that, followed by a load of this and finished off with a great big dollop of that.’

And this is often the approach people take when setting goals – just randomly picking something that has caught their attention that seems a good idea at the time.

You may be asking yourself ‘What is the problem with that if it is a goal that person is interested in?’

Well, the problem is this:

When you set goals in this random way, they are often not the goals that will deliver the the results you really want. This is because they are not chosen based on what you have identified is MOST important

You may well be slogging away at goals but they aren’t necessarily taking you any closer to what you really want to create. Goals just plucked at random is not a great strategy for designing the life and business that you really want.

How do you avoid this goal setting mistake?

Well, before you go about setting your goals do this first:

Create a compelling vision of what your ideal outcome looks like based on your core values. Make sure your goals are based on that.

That way you will know that the goals you are setting are the right ones for you. The goals that are MOST important. The goals that will deliver the results you really want and keep you on the path to achieving your vision for yourself and your business.

Important reminder: all goals aren’t equal. Your challenge is to make sure that you are focusing on your most important goals. And you can’t do that if you are just selecting goals like you would select food from a menu.

So, what action do you need to take now, to avoid this goal setting mistake and make sure that your goals are driven by a vision that is based on your core values?

Would love to hear your views on this subject in the comments below.

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