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Get change strategies to thrive in life and work

Ali DaviesHi! I’m Ali Davies. I specialise in teaching individuals and organisations practical change strategies to thrive, succeed and get the results they most want to achieve in their life, work and business.

My passion for teaching change strategies came from seeing how many people and organisations struggle to create and maintain the changes and results they most want to achieve.

For the last 30 years my work has been centred around helping people and organisations shift from stuck to thriving, and achieving their personal and professional goals.

Over the years I have created a simple, practical step-by-step process to help individuals and organisations to create change that lasts and achieve the results they most want to achieve consistently.

My Professional Background

Since 2001 I have been running my training and education business, in the field of personal and professional change. I particularly focus and specialise in effective change strategies, transforming personal effectiveness and practical personal development.

Prior to setting up my business, I spent 14 years in large corporate organisations (including Coca Cola and Pepsi UK distributors) working in the field of change management, leading and managing teams to maximise performance and results, supply chain management, logistics and customer services. I am a fully qualified and certified Change Coach.

I have a particular passion and interest in studying the science and research on what drives behaviour, effective change strategies, personal performance, the role of habits in success and creating fulfillment and meaning in life and work.

My personal philosophy

My personal philosophy is “Design Life. Redefine Work.” It is all about challenging the status quo and conventional stereotypes of success to create better results, whilst also creating more fulfillment and meaning in life and work.

I passionately believe that the key to having the life, work, business, success and results you really want is to design it. Leaving it to chance is a hell of a gamble to take with your one and only life.

Life is too short to settle for mediocrity!

My Personal Background

Ali DaviesBack in 2000 I felt deeply unfullfilled with the status quo in my life and corporate career. I felt there had to be more to life and work than the conventional definition of success that left me feeling so unfulfilled and dissatisfied in my life and work.

So I made the decision to find a way to create change to live and work on my own terms, by my own definition of success, based on my values and what mattered most.

So started a journey to design life and redefine work and challenge the unfulfilling status quo I had settled for.

I redefined what success meant to me in all areas of my life, work and relationships that would bring fulfillment and be meaningful.

I left my corporate career in 2001 to set up my own business and to orientate my new work as a Change Strategist and Business Owner around my life and family.

Having changed everything in my life and work mutliple times over the last 16 years I know the challenges that come with creating change and challenging a deeply embedded status quo. But I also know how worthwhile it is to navigate those struggles to live and work on your own terms.

I am from England but left there in in 2006 to live in Ireland for seven years. In 2013 I moved to Canada with my husband and son to follow our dream of living by the beach and ocean near Vancouver.

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Get change strategies to thrive in life and work