Ali Davies

Ali Davies runs an education company that teaches people how to create change that lasts to achieve their most important personal and professional goals and create more freedom, fulfillment and meaning in their life and work.

She specialises in helping Professionals (Self Employed and Employed) who have reached a stage in their life that they want to challenge their own status quo and create change to have the life they really want for themselves.

Her philosophy of “Design Your Life. Redefine Your Work” is about:

  • challenging your own status quo and the conventional definition of success in life and work
  • creating your own definition of success based on what is most important to you
  • designing the life you really want
  • creating change that lasts and achieving results consistently
  • living and working on your own terms

Her work is driven by the belief that the key to having the life you really want is to design it. Leaving it to chance is a hell of a gamble to take with your one and only life.

Life is too short to settle for mediocrity!

Ali’s Professional Background

Since 2001 Ali has been working with people all over the world, teaching them how to create change in their personal and professional lives. She works with people in person, virtually and via online programmes, in three key areas:

  • effective change strategies
  • transforming personal effectiveness
  • practical personal development

Prior to 2001, she spent 14 years in large corporate organisations (including Coca Cola and Pepsi UK distributors). Her experience during this time included implementing and managing numerous change management programmes and managing teams to maximise performance, effectiveness, achieve goals and improve results. She is a fully qualified Professional Certified Coach.

Ali’s Personal Story

Ali DaviesFeeling unfulfilled with the status quo in her life and corporate career, Ali made the decision to change everything. She left her 14 year corporate career in 2001 to design her ideal life and create more freedom, fulfillment and meaning in her life and work.

She set out on a path of redefining what success meant to her in her life, work and relationships. This resulted in the freedom to live and work on her own terms.

Over the years, living and working by design has become a fulfilling way of life.

Ali is from England but she left there in 2006, with her husband and son, to live in Ireland. In 2013, they left Ireland to live in Vancouver, Canada.

Ali and her family live a life that they have designed together based on their own definition of success, core values and what is most important to them. Ali’s work life is designed to serve and protect family life and how they want to live and work.

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