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9 Mistakes People Make When Creating Change In Their Life Or Work

mistakes people make when creating changeIf you want to create change in your life, work, business or organisation successfully,  it is useful to be aware of common mistakes that many people make, so that you can avoid them.

It will help you to be proactive with putting things in place that will set you up to succeed with the change that you wish to create.

To help you with that, here are:

9 Mistakes People Make When Creating Change

1. Trying to change too much at once

Creating change successfully requires extra time, focus, planning, strategising and energy in addition to your normal day-to-day commitments and responsibilities. So trying to change too much at once can be damaging to the outcomes you wish to achieve as trying to juggle it all can lead to failure.

It can also increase mistakes and reduce your effectiveness with things like decision making, productivity and your personal effectiveness. This can damage progress and your results. Plus it increases stress and feeling overwhelmed.

You are more likely to succeed with the changes you want to create if you phase them in a structure and framework that will set you up to succeed. Create an action plan that is broken down into small, manageable chunks. Step by step is the way to go in the quest to create change successfully.

2. Not simplifying their commitments and schedule

If your schedule is already packed with commitments and you are constantly busy, then it is going to be very hard for you to commit the necessary, time, attention, energy and effort to create change successfully. Simplify your commitments and schedule and put strong boundaries in to protect what gets your time and attention.

3. Not working on improving personal effectiveness and personal performance.

Creating change successfully often requires changes in behaviour, mindset shifts, new habits and improving your own effectiveness and performance. Working on these things as part of your change project is critical to your success. After all, change isn’t going to happen on its own. You have to make it happen. Working on your effectiveness and performance is an important part of creating change that lasts.

4. Not creating enough reserves

Creating change often requires more reserves than you think. What I mean by reserves are things like reserves of finances, support, energy, time, planning, contingencies, skills etc. Having sufficient reserves will help you navigate the change process successfully. Make identifying and building reserves a part of your planning.

5. Asking the wrong people for advice

Whilst it might be useful to hear the opinions and ideas of family, friends and colleagues, you need to think about if they are the right person to advise you on that subject. For example, do they have experience of the change you want to create? Are they an expert in that field? Always ask yourself if the person you are listening to is qualified to advise you on the change you are making. Choose wisely who you listen to. Read this for more on this subject -> Be Careful Who You Listen To. 

6. Don’t factor in learning and education

People often launch into creating change without working out what they need to learn or what new skills would help set them up to succeed. Big mistake! Ask yourself, “what do I need to learn to create this change successfully?” Make learning those things part of your plans.

7. Not creating a support network

As you navigate the path of change having the right support around you is invaluable. People who can be a sounding board, an accountability partner, and for motivation and morale boosting if the going gets tough. Identify what support you need to set yourself up to succeed.

8. Not seeking expert help

It can take you weeks, months and even years to struggle through creating change if it is something you have never done before or not in your skill set. Seeking out expert help can really speed up the process of change and avoid wasting time and effort figuring it all out on your own.

9. Don’t take care of themselves

Research shows that people who prioritise their health and wellbeing are more effective. As creating change successfully depends on your personal effectiveness, neglecting this area is a big mistake. Plus, you need extra mental, physical, and emotional energy during times of change, and this comes from having a strong self-care routine that includes things like sleep, exercise, nutrition, rest, downtime etc.

Use this list as a checklist to avoid making these common mistakes when you want to create change in your life, work, business or organisation. By avoiding these mistakes you will put yourself in a stronger position to succeed with the results that matter most to you. 


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  • Marie Mack

    These are all such great reminders. Like you mentioned, I think that trying to change too many things at once may not succeed and that a major change usually needs to be broken down into more attainable steps.

  • Hi Marie, so glad you liked it. Yes, small steps taking consistently and persistently is the way to go.

  • I always make mistake number 2. I want change, but I don’t want to give up anything!

  • Hi Joy, that is a great reminder that it all boils down to choice!!! Choose change or choose the status quo.

  • change is such a complex issue and so easy to underestimate its impact on our lives. I love these pointers because they are about protecting yourself in the process and that’s so important.

  • I agree that health must come first so you have the stamina for the hard work of change. Thanks for the tips.

  • Hi Leanne, spot on – it is all about protecting yourself and setting yourself up to succeed.

  • Hi Shari, I am a big believer that health should always be our top priority. Every area of our life, work and relationships benefit when it is.

  • These are all so on target, especially simplifying. And taking care of ourselves. Yep.

  • These are all great points for personal and business! I like #5 because everyone from the most successful to the biggest looser have their opinion they want to tell you about and it must all be put into perspective!

  • Absolutely. There are massive benefits to simplifying and self care.

  • No.5 is one very close to my heart too!

  • I have made so many of these mistakes over the years. Great tips and advice Ali!

  • Hi Rena, glad you found them useful.

  • This is a fantastic list! I read it twice………so I remember these great tips!

  • Thanks Ellen. Delighted you got value from this.

  • Glenda Harrison

    Always on point, Ali. Number 5 is crucial. When I made a change, it was important for me to separate from toxic people.

  • Hi Glenda, can totally relate to what you are saying. So many benefits on so many levels to either putting in strong boundaries around certain people or stepping away totally.

  • Martin Haworth

    Realising that the choice is theirs to make, and probably not at all to be influenced by anyone or anything else…

  • Hi Martin, yes indeed. There is always choice in any given situation. Good point.

  • Darlene Berkel

    Great points Ali. # 7 is Crucial. A support network is crucial for success in any area of life, but especially when facing change, whether forced changed or self-induced change. And it does not have to be a large support network. But have someone in your corner to talk to, to support you, to motivate you and keep you focused can make all the difference.

  • Totally agree Darlene.