There is only one real obstacle to success. And that one thing is YOU! But most people don't see that, or perhaps they don't believe it because of all the external factors that impact their success. But seeing your success as 100% about you is important. Here's why:

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5 Days to Change for Success – Day 5: The ONE obstacle to real success

Day 5: Change for Succcess - Mindset There is only one real obstacle to success.

And that one thing is YOU!

But most people don’t see that, or perhaps they don’t believe it because of all the external factors that impact their success.

But seeing your success as 100% about you is important. Here’s why:

The confusion over setbacks, obstacles, challenges and screw ups!

People often confuse obstacles, setbacks, challenges and screw ups as factors in their success. But they aren’t. Unless you allow them to be. They are just things, circumstances and situations to be dealt with on the path to success.

Things only become success killers when you apply that label to them and let them. Stop seeing challenges, setbacks, obstacles and screw ups as killers of your success. They don’t have to be.

The path to success isn’t linear

All the stuff that gets in the way of your path are not success deal breakers. Unless you let them be.

Stop getting in your own way

You are 100% responsible for getting the results you want in life. No one else. It is your life. You are the captain of this ship. Learn to steer it to where you want to go.

This is great news. The reason it is great news is because learning the skills to do this are totally within your control.

Every great person who ever achieved the success they wanted had a tonne setbacks, obstacles, challenges and screw ups block their path at some stage. But they didn’t see them as things to stop them. They found different ways. They kept going. They didn’t let those things define their ability to succeed.

So, are you willing and ready to get out of your own way and stop being the obstacle to the results you want to create in all areas of your life? If you are, here are two key areas to focus on to get started:

1. Mindset. Your mindset is creating the results you are currently experiencing. Here’s why:

Mindset creates thought patterns – thought patterns create feelings – feelings create behaviour/actions – actions create results.

The same mindset that created your current situation won’t get you out of it. It is time to upgrade your mindset

Tip: start researching and learning about how to upgrade and improve your mindset so that it serves you better and doesn’t get in your way of your success. Seek out good quality resources and people to learn from. Surround yourself with people with a mindset you admire.

2. Work on who you are being. You can’t expect to get the results you really want unless you are behaving, making decisions, and thinking in ways that deliver success. And that is all about who you are being. Ask yourself “who do I need to be to achieve the results I want?” Commit to your own development in those areas.

Tip: as with mindset, get out there and research and learn the habits and behavioual traits of successful people have that unsuccessful people don’t. As the saying goes “success leaves clues.” Also, you become what you surround yourself with so be careful who you let into your space. Avoid the BMW’s (bitchers, moaners and whiners) like the plague.

Learning how to not be the obstacle to your own success is powerful and liberating beyond words. Embrace it!

This is the last day in the 5 days to Change for Success series. For me, today’s is the most important. You can do all the other tasks and activities we have talked about but if you don’t step up to this one you will always be capping the level of success you achieve.

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Download Your Free Transformation in Action Self-Assessment Workbook.

  • barneyausten

    So true “People often confuse circumstances and situations as obstacles and setbacks. “. The ability to see this is often difficult as you point out. Great article Ali.

  • Thanks Barney. Glad you liked it. I appreciate your feedback.

  • Hi Ali

    For some reason I decided to re-read M Scott Peck's The Road Less Travelled this week. In it he talks about how life is, by its nature, pull of problems and that our growth and development comes from both taking responsibility for and finding ways through them. Of course, most people avoid problems or blame them on someone or something else. I think your post is saying similar stuff, looking in particular at our businesses, right? The thing that's therefore very exciting to me in all of this is that my business – together with its setbacks and obstacles – is a fabulous source of personal development. That the business develops as well is awesome!

  • Hi Christine, I remember reading that book some years ago. Still have it so will give it another read. That is a very interesting perspective your throw out about your business being a source of personal development. You can view what you see happening in your business as a mirror reflecting where you need to upgrade your mindset and who you are being as a business owner to get better outcomes. This is why I always say that it isn't just the business skills and processes you need to master to be successful it is also who you are BEING in the business and all areas of your life. The foundation of this is mindset. It isn't obstacles and setbacks that are actually the problem. It is our mindset round them that drives our actions which then drives our results. Different mindset = different results.

  • Great finish Ali

    I think the stumbling block for success in anything in life is “you”. Life will throw up lots of obstacles and challenge but only “you” can make the choice about how you deal with them.

  • Thanks Ben. So pleased you enjoyed the series.

  • Ali,

    A very appropriate post title, “the one obstacle to real success”; yes it's ourselves. Obstacles and setbacks are just different words to describe a learning experience. Without them we wouldn't grow and move on. Great post, thank you for sharing.



  • Thanks Paul. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Awesome little series, Ali. My main take away has got to be today’s. Thanks!

  • Thank you Anita. I am delighted you have found this mini-series of value.