5 days to Change for Success – Day 2: Building Strong Foundations

Change for Success - Build Strong Business FoundationsIn the first post of this 5 day series 5 days to Change for Success – Day 1: Clear the decks! we started to clear the path in your life ready for building strong foundations on which you can create the results you really want.

Once you have cleared your decks, you are ready to start putting your strong foundations in place to set yourself up to succeed.

Why is creating strong foundations important?

Imagine a builder building a dream home. If the builder didn’t put strong foundations in place before starting to build, what he is building is likely to be unstable, not be fit for purpose and even fall down.

The same is true for creating success in your life, work and relationships – the stronger the foundations, the better results you will get.

Four essentials to create strong foundations for success

The following four points are an essential part of building strong foundations in your life.

1. Create a vision.

Without a vision you can’t decide what goals and actions to take every day, week, month and year to move you forward to better results and a more fulfilling reality. Not having a vision for you life is like not having a map or GPS as you head off on a road trip – you are not in control of which direction you are going or where you will end up. Not good!

So make some time and create a vision of what you want your life to be like. Think of all the important areas of life. For example, health, relationships, finances, work, community, environment etc.

Write it down using the present tense. Be really specific. Put it somewhere you will see it every day. If you prefer visuals, find images that reflect each aspect of your vision and create an inspiring and motivating vision board.

2. Create a B.H.A.G.

This as a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Create a goal that totally fills you with passion, excitement and inspires you. It is this that will help you keep going when the going gets tough. Having something that you feel is worth fighting for is powerful and motivates you to keep going in the direction you want your life to go.

3. Clarify your values.

True success, freedom and fulfillment lies in orientated all areas of your life around your values.

Take some time to work out what are the most important things to you? What do you value most? What are the values that would bring you most fulfillment if every area of your life was a reflection of them? Get clear and specific.

4. Create your Success Definition.

In the blog post Whose definition of success are you living by? I explained why this is so important. I recommend reading it before doing this exercise.

Create your own defintion of success based on your values and vision for all areas of your life. Be careful you are not listing down other people’s idea of success. It’s time to create success on your own terms.

Once you have completed these points you will have created really strong foundations on which you can start to move forward and build the life you really want for yourself.

Now it’s time to get into action. It is time to leverage your strong foundations to get the results you want in the life you are building. That is what we will be focussing on in part three of this mini-series – Getting into Action.

In the meantime, have fun playing with creating your strong foundations and do let me know how you get on.

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  • Very nice Ali. Sorry I'm a day behind.

    I like the idea of BHAG's – very good.

    I think a lot of people miss the definition of success step however. They set up there goals and start working but have no idea what the end result should look like. That for me is always the most important part.

  • You are right, a lot of people do overlook the definition of success part yet it is absolutely essential for business success and living life on your terms. Glad you like the BHAG's – that one is really fun to play with.

  • very true – I just got back from helping someone with a thesis on coaching in the IT sector. He asked me about using coaching/nlp to elicit the behaviours/traits of successful people in the IT sector and could that information accelerate the success of potential workers.

    I asked him what he ment by successful people and we hit a bit of a block…

  • Cormac, that is a really interesting example. Thank you for sharing it. Hope he managed to get past the block.

  • yea i think it was good tho – he then had to decide for himself what “success” ment to him and what to focus on in his thesis – and you know with those boring academic projects, you have to be specific or you get slated!

    I wrote about something kinda similar here, not about defining success, but about listening to yourself and your gut, you may find it interesting http://www.cormacmoore.com/advising.php

  • Ali,

    Building a strong foundation is so important to achieving success in our lives; your strategy of vision, goals, values and success is such a great tool to use. I find values can be a stumbling block, for many people to move forward because they are unable to identify, them with honesty.

    Thank you for sharing this.



  • Glad you found it useful Paul. I think the stumbling block people face with getting clear on their values is that it is not something that is commonly taught in families, schools, and so on. So for many people it can take a while to get their heads around. But a business, lifestyle and family life orientated round values is the only way to go and a key to true and lasting success and fulfillment.

  • Great to hear it lead him to think about his own definition of success.

  • I’m still working on the vision part.

  • Have fun with it Suzanne.

  • I confess, I skipped right to B.H.A.G.! I love that so much. I have always been ridiculously afraid of those. You are truly inspiring me to dump my fear. Going back now to Day 1. Thanks!

  • Hi Anita, have fin defining your B.H.A.G. Delighted that this series is inspiring you to deal with your fear and shoot for what you really want. Have fun with it.