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4 strategies to get better results in your life and work.

Having strategies that help you get better results in your life and work can be really powerful in getting you on track and keeping you on track to achieve your goals. The right strategies will support you with eliminating things that might get in your way or hold you back. Plus, they give you strong foundations to set yourself up to succeed.

Here are 4 strategies that will help you to get better results in your life and work.

Please leave a comment below and let me know which of these 4 strategies resonates for you. If you have any questions about any of these tips, leave a question below and I will answer it for you. Happy to help.

Download Your Free Transformation in Action Self-Assessment Workbook.

  • Number #3 for me is the most important – I struggle with maintaining boundaries when people overflow from their world into mine. Their neediness sucks my time and energy and it’s difficult being strong without being insensitive. Great points all round Ali.

  • Hi Leanne, with boundaries knowing what you will do if a boundary is overstepped helps with maintaining it. Then practicing it regularly makes it easier to do it in the moment. Over time it will form into a new habit that you do automatically which then makes maintaining boundaries much easier.

  • Read Kimberly Jayne

    Absolutely, number four is my problem area. I used to work out regularly, but after some significant emotional setbacks, I quit and then just got out of the habit. It’s been almost two years since daily workouts were a regular routine for me. I know the resulting daily fatigue is holding me back, and like you say, this personal care is essential, so I see the connection. Working on it!

  • Have fun working on it. Well worth the effort to take steps to make it happen – so many benefits on so many different levels. Just take small steps consistently and persistently and before you know it you will be well on the path to it being a habit again.

  • Such great advice Ali! I need to start implementing all of these things. #3 is a good one for me as well. I tend to be a people pleaser and I have found that this makes it hard to do business.

  • All of these are great. I love #1. I have eliminated some people that I don’t need to tolerate with any longer and it really has freed up my attitude and time. I just never really thought about it as tolerance but it really is!

  • Rena, delighted you found it useful. Have fun experimenting and implementing these strategies.

  • Yes, no. 1 is so powerful. Great to hear that you have already taken action and reaped the benefits from doing so.

  • Such great advice! All of these will serve me well! Thank you for the push!

  • Thanks Ellen. Glad you found them useful.

  • Marie Mack

    This is so great…such simple tips that we often forget! I love what you said about setting personal boundaries and focusing on your goals and what is important to you.

  • Hi Marie, delighted you found it useful. Setting strong boundaries is very powerful and reaps many benefits.