To achieve the life and results you want for yourself you need plenty of time, energy and a good level of personal effectiveness. Without those things it is very difficult to set yourself up to succeed, create change or achieve your personal and professional goals. But in today’s fast paced, over-busy world it is common to feel like you don’t have enough time and energy for everything you have to juggle in your life.

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4 Ways To Set Yourself Up To Succeed With The Results That Matter Most To You

Transform your results To achieve the results that matter most to you it helps to have practical strategies that will help you eliminate the things that get in your way, hold you back and to put things in place that will protect what matters most.

You need practical ways to set yourself up to succeed.

Some key factors that will help you achieve the results you most want are things like time and space to think and work on your goals, reserves of mental and physical energy and better levels of personal effectiveness. Without those things, it is very difficult to achieve results consistently.

But in today’s fast-paced, over-busy world it is common to feel like there are many things getting in your way with everything you have to juggle in your life and work. It has become common to feel like you don’t have enough time or mental and physical energy to deal with it all. Not to mention all that busyness reduces your personal effectiveness.

This can leave you feeling overwhelmed, over-busy, drained, unfulfilled, stuck and not achieving the results that matter most to you. As a result, the life, work, and results you really want often feel just out of reach.

So it is important to find effective ways to eliminate the things that get in the way of progress and your results. You need strategies that effectively deal with things that drain your time, energy, and negatively impact your personal effectiveness.

To help you get started with doing that, here are:

4 Strategies to Transform Your Results and Set Yourself Up To Succeed

Before we dive into them, I just want to stress this:

These are four ESSENTIAL strategies.

It isn’t a pick and mix option when you say “I like that one, but don’t fancy doing that one so I’m not bothering” or “I might try a couple of them at some stage.”

All four of these strategies should be an ongoing part of your daily, weekly, monthly and annual habits. Yes, they are that important.

So, with that said, let’s dive in:

Think of these 4 strategies as foundations for the results you want to achieve – the stronger the foundations, the stronger the results.

1. Stop tolerating what doesn’t serve you

Tolerations are the things that you are putting up with that get in the way of how you want things to be. They drain your time and energy. They get in the way of a better reality.

What you tolerate persists. Stop tolerating. What are you tolerating that isn’t serving you?

Make a commitment to yourself right now to stop tolerating what drains your time, energy and negatively impacts you, your personal effectiveness and how you want things to be.

Identify things you are tolerating. Find ways to effectively deal with them. Notice how liberating it feels and what a tremendous boost it gives you when you eliminate those things.

2. Take back control of your time

Your time is a highly valuable asset. But do you treat it that way?

It is easy to get into the habit of allowing things to drain your time that you shouldn’t. But when you choose not to fiercely protect your valuable time and get a firm grip on it, you are risking the results that matter most to you.

Decide right now to take back control of your time, eliminate your time drainers and manage better what gets your time, focus and attention.

Just to be clear, I am not talking about time management here. I am talking about self-management. The key to managing time better is to manage yourself better!

What steps could you take to manage yourself better and take back control of your time?

3. Set rock-solid boundaries and standards

If you don’t have strong boundaries and standards that you implement and hold yourself to, you are risking being constantly exposed to things that sabotage the results you really want.

How might weak, or non-existent, boundaries and standards be sabotaging the results you would really like to achieve and your ability to achieve them?

Take some time to identify boundaries and standards you would benefit from setting for yourself.

4. Boost your mental and physical energy levels to transform your personal effectiveness

To transform your results and achieve your goals requires a significant amount of mental and physical energy. Your personal effectiveness, which is what drives your results, depends on it.

So if you are living in a state of low mental and physical energy you are getting in your own way of success. Doing nothing about it comes at a significant cost to so many things in your life. Get this straight to the top of your priorities.

Identify things that drain or reduce your mental and physical energy and deal with them. Identify things that boost your mental and physical energy and do more of them.

Do not underestimate the importance or power of focussing on improving your mental and physical energy as a way to transform your personal effectiveness and get better results.

Next steps

As I said at the start, these four strategies are not just powerful, they are essential foundations for building the life, work and results you really want.

To reap their many benefits, get into action and start working on them straight away.

As Pablo Picasso said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.”

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  • I will attempt to follow all four, but number one just blows me away! I have tolerated for so long, and I know how unhealthy it is. I think it’s definitely a woman’s thing, the patient, long-suffering victim… As always, great post.

  • These are definitely four important steps to take to help achieve one’s goals. My first goal—-set a goal. 😉

  • Anita, I can totally relate to how you feel. I used to tolerate unhealthy stuff too. It is liberating to break that habit and create new behaviours. I will be teaching exactly how to do that in the four week online programme I am hosting called “Clear The Decks For Success.” You are most welcome to register if it feels like something you would like to learn more about, Here is the link with all the details ->

  • Suzanne, yes indeed. Have fun taking that first step.

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  • I can see how incorporating all four strategies into your life would be a very powerful thing. Thank you for sharing these insights!

  • You are welcome Laurel. Glad you found them useful.

  • The power of saying NO–implicit in many of your steps–is definitely an energy builder. Even when it’s oh so hard to turn someone of something down.

  • Totally agree with you. I love the saying that saying no to something less important is saying yes to what is most important.

  • There is never enough written about setting boundaries, so i was glad to see this. I think those mushy boundaries really wreak havoc with life in general.

  • I agree Carol. Strong boundaries are so crucial for so many reasons.

  • Renee L Stambaugh

    Like the tolerating and boundaries ones..thank you..

  • Renee, glad you found them useful.

  • Cathy Chester

    You are so wise, dear friend, and I am endlessly in awe of you and your wisdom. Such a wonderful post to share with us.

  • Thank you for your kind words Kathy. So pleased you found this useful.

  • I am in awe at your ability to weed through the BS, make a plan and stick to it. I want to get there, but it’s so hard to stay organized and then the overwhelm happens!

  • Rena, it takes time and patience to change our habits and behaviours. Breaking it down into very small next steps can help.