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3 keys to achieving your goals when the going gets tough

3 keys to achieving your goals when the going gets tough

Recently I attended the Leadership Summit hosted by the Women’s Executive Network. One of the keynote speakers was Commodore Marta Mulkins. She has reached one of the highest commanding ranks in the Canadian Navy. She also served in Afghanistan.

It was fascinating and really interesting to hear her experiences on building such a successful career in the military and what it really took to achieve her goals and aspirations in her life and work.

During our conversation, we discussed a number of key factors that contribute to achieving your goals in life and work, especially when the going gets tough.

Here are three of the most important ones:

3 keys to achieving your goals when the going gets tough

1. Grit

Working on your goals can feel challenging at times. Maybe you lose motivation, feel stuck or are not sure how to do it or what to do next. To keep going and doing what needs to be done, even when you don’t feel like it, is the hallmark of having grit.

If you have grit you are much likely to work through and persevere until you achieve your desired outcome. You are more likely to find a way to achieve your goals. You are more likely to be consistent in your efforts. As a result, you significantly increase your chances of success.

Fostering, developing and improving the habit of grit will support you in setting yourself up to succeed.

A great book on this topic is Grit by Angela Duckworth. Her book has great information, research, tips and food for thought on the role grit plays in success in all areas of life and work.

2. Resilience

This is all about your ability to bounce back, especially if the brown stuff hits the fan. The path to the life, work and results you most want to achieve is never linear.

Maybe obstacles get in the way. Maybe unforeseen circumstances arise. During those times you need to be resilient to navigate those things and keep going. You need to be able to deal effectively with adversity and stress.

Fostering resilience will allow you to work through whatever setbacks you encounter and navigate the path to achieve your goals when the going gets tough.

3. Mindset

The reason mindset is so important is this:

Your thoughts drive your feelings. Your feelings drive your actions and behaviour. Your actions and behaviour drive your outcomes and results.

Your mindset is a crucial factor in how you respond when the going gets tough with your goals and has a significant impact on the results you ultimately achieve.

So, working on improving your mindset habits and thought processes is invaluable in the quest to acheive your goals, especially when the going gets tough.

As you work on the goals you would most like to achieve, don’t forget to shine a light on your level of grit, resilience and your mindset. It might make all the difference between achieving your desired outcomes or not.

How would you rate your level of grit, resilience and mindset habits? How would your life and work benefit from working on taking those three things up a level? What action will you take to develop yourself further in those three areas?

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  • These are great goals to evaluate and reevaluate!

  • Yes indeed. I think of these three things like muscles – we need to proactively work them regularly to keep them working optimally!

  • You always bring a clarity to my outlook that I wasn’t aware was missing Ali! Thanks for all of the great information that you provide.

  • Rena, I am delighted you found it useful.

  • Roxanne Jones

    What a great summary of what it takes to keep our eyes on the prize when we feel ourselves faltering or adrift. My hat’s off to any woman in the military who’s able to achieve what Commodore Mulkins has!

  • Thank you Roxanne.

  • Rebecca Page

    Thank you for sharing. I feel that mindset is the foundation. In my 16 years in business, I’ve seen good people with good ideas not succeed because their mindset and their habits did not support them.

  • I have seen exactly the same thing happen Rebecca.